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Our Story

OROMASK from Atom Collections

According to a study, 90% of startups in India are shutdowns within 5
year of its inception. In its study, BM Institute for Business Value and Oxford
Economics found that the biggest reason for the closure of such startups is the
lack of innovation. There are very few startups like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra,
OYO and Swiggy that are not just running successfully, but also earn a healthy
profit from there startups. But there are many large number of failed startups
with the biggest names like, Askme.com. There are some big names such as
Intelligent Interfaces, Fashionara, ITiffin, Zippon and many more which closed
in just 2 to 5 years of its establishment. The reason for the closure is lack of
innovation, earning indiscriminately, buying other small startups without any
planning, changing market and do not have to mold themselves according to the
needs of the people.

So in the year 2017, team, the alumni of Delhi Technical University, had
also dreamed that he should start a startup company. But startups were already
present in almost every field of the country. It was necessary that the idea of
changing India needed such an idea that there would be an object or service
which is available to every citizen in the countryside, not only availability but
also available at the cheaper price. From the rich person to the country’s most
incompetent person. Do not be confined to people only in large cities. Due to
being a Delhi NCR resident, one of the biggest problems arose in front of team
and Delhi people and the problem was pollution. The whole Delhi NCR was in
the grip of this terrible problem. Especially in the winter this problem increases
drastically that many people have to lose their lives. The elderly and the children
are most affected by this problem. Steps are taken from the government and
from the point of view of this terrible problem, but all of them are inadequate.

For the last several years, people had to resort to Anti-Pollution Masks to
deal with the problem of pollution. Masks can prove to be an effective weapon
to deal with pollution, but they will be abundantly available and available only
in few places, especially on the online market and the majority of the country’s
population not very familiar to buy goods from the Internet. When the decision
was taken by team that he had to create an Anti-Pollution Mask of his start-up
business, anti-pollution mask was the biggest challenge in front of him, whether
it was available everywhere, not just the Internet, medical stores or just the big
showrooms but also small shops. These are available on the markets even on the
nook kiosks. Any person who wants to be a little child or elderly, should get AntiPollution masks easily. In the early days of startup, Oromasks of Atom
Collections were made available on the Delhi NCR’s racket. For this, team
himself and his startup companions used to distribute masks by standing in
roads and markets themselves. From the same time, people were given
information about the benefits and achievements of the masks and were made
aware that how important and beneficial is the mask in a polluted environment.
Within just one year of its origin till the end of 2018, Oromask is also
available in almost every major website of the country, retail outlets, medical
stores and grocery stores. The purpose of the Atom collections was that of its
founder’s thinking so far, the Atom Collections did not acquire it, but also
fulfilled it. Low cost and availability is the largest USP of Oromask, which is
another hindrance and motive to sustain in the future. It is the goal of its
founders to make Oromask even better and economical in the future. Atom
Collections are working with organizations associated with social welfare to
fight the fierce problem of pollution such as free or atomic cost, to bring their
Oromasks to the needy people.

Our Mission

OROMASK from Atom Collections

Our company’s mission is to continuously innovate to provide important tools for protecting respiratory health, while raising the conversation about cleaning the air.

We started our mission in 2015 to provide reusable emaculate solution from Air pollution.

Our mission will never change