Many workplaces have hazardous levels of airborne contaminants. Mask is very effective in capturing major dust particle. The provisions governing personal protective equipment are fundamental to ensure a safer working environment.


Oromask is recommended travel accessory. Whether you travelling by air, train, bicycle, car, or just walking around, Oromask provides efficient protection from airborne contaminants.

airborne diseases

The best way to protect sensitive lungs from airborne contamination is to prevent the introduction of foreign particles in the first place by using oromask .


One of the major use of Mask is during bike riding. Most people inhale these contamination in metro’s during bike riding. So carry a mask is very good idea to offer resistance to pollution.

fashionable solution

Contour fit design : Best ergonomic fashionable solution in its class

Design consist of 3 Dimensional design with nose detial and ear loop buckle for closely fit; Good quality cotton and adjustable Ear Loop mouth-mask is wide enough for cover nose,mouth and face,very comfortable to wear and effortless breathable.

The Oromask Team

Our company’s mission is to continuously innovate to provide important tools for protecting respiratory health, while raising the conversation about cleaning the air.

About us

We started our mission in 2015 to provide reusable emaculate solution from Air pollution.

Our mission will never change